Free Dumb (Chains Off)


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...From the forthcoming album "Thoughtful King"


1st Verse
Loose women mixin' gin sinning
played my cards wrong, I felt like I was winning'
Inning after inning, game after game, chain after chain
My jeweler was insane
Weighing my neck down trynna hold my head up
Fed up with the set up rumors they won't let up
Stuntin' stuntin my growth
I saw no bridge but I did see a moat
Floatin' through the city couple pieces overlapping
Stones set perfect but really it was worthless
Never tucked wear my pride on my chest with no vest
Not stress, runnin' around like Khaled
Like I'm the best, Like, not like the rest, Like
Press like if this flow should be under arrest Like
Blinded by the shine
Locked in the prison of my own mind
The Jesus piece now part of my rhyme, like

When I took the Chain Off

2nd Verse
Linked up with the Cubans flew in two that was choosin'
The sound of the chains reacting was so soothin'
Real gold fake love, A sight for blind eyes
Kill yourself esteem with no glove
I had one and sometimes three at one time
I think I lived out every one of my rhymes
Not proud but I learned, if you don't take the chains off
One way or another brother, You will learn
Like KRS say, locked up mentally
If you seeking betterment I know that you feelin' me
Its love though, I don't judge I was once you
I'm still in the struggle make a choice what you gon do
Never crush a diamond in a piece, that's a don't do
24k overlay that's what I do
Keep it real, Naw homie keep it right
Security wanna check my chains before the flight like

When I took the Chain Off

3rd Verse
I was the herringbone caught in that cashmere sweater
The Gucci link that's under that butter soft leather
The diamond link on top of the white tee
The cross that lay on my heart that protects me
Chain on my mind, Chain on my wrist
It's a chain of events that can change and eclipse
Ya spirit, I hear it in ya talk
You gettin' chase by the evils but you damn near caught
But don't do it! You gotta get free
You gotta see how unlocking ya brain is the key
No fee for your soul, you not a G cause you old
Wisdom begins when fear of God is the Mold
Heated in the furnace and bent into shape
When you polished and you shining you admitted in the gates, Enlightened by the shine
Locked in the prison of my own mind
The Jesus piece is now part of my rhyme like

When I took the Chain Off


released April 9, 2014
Prod. Ricc Rude & Warryn Campbell



all rights reserved


DAMANI NKOSI Inglewood, California

Damani Nkosi is a voice that rings with distinction and supreme clarity, valiantly shattering stereotypes with each metaphor.

Assisted by Musiq and Robert Glasper, the album’s first single “Now That’s Love” is a head nodding ode to how an intangible emotion has such a dynamic effect on life.
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